My wife and I have over 16,000 digital photos going back to 2007. Over the years we’ve used different camera phones, digital cameras, storage devices, and backup plans. I’ve managed to consolidate them all into DropBox over the last year or two, but they’re still in random folders and not really organized very well. I’m sure we’re not the only people with this issue. I know there are applications out there to help you manage photo libraries, but none that I’ve tried work like I want.

I decided to solve this problem with code. I’m starting small, but I hope over time to build out several utilities to help me manage our digital media in a way that makes sense and is simple to do.

Introducing, MyMediaManager. Right now, it simply takes photos from a source directory and moves them into a target directory organized into folders by year and month. It does this using metadata in the image files.

This is built to work how I want it to work, but if it would be useful to you, feel free to use it and contribute if you would like.


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