Humongous: A useful MongoDB browser

I just discovered Humongous (on GitHub) by Pankaj Bagwan while listening to one of the most recent Ruby5 podcast episodes. I gave it a try and it worked as promised.

To get it working it was just a matter of installing the gem and running the humongous command:

> sudo gem install humongous
> humongous

It is supposed to launch the browser automatically when you run the command, but it failed for me. When I ran the command again it told me that it was already running on so I just navigated to that URL manually and it worked like a charm.

I’m sure there are lots of advanced features of MongoDB that are not supported in the UI but for quick and easy MongoDB browsing and editing, I think this is pretty slick. Kudos to the author.

I also discovered a minor issue with Humongous that I logged in the project’s GitHub issue tracker. I plan to fix this issue and submit a pull request unless the author gets to it first.


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