Max Schmeling   December 18, 2014   No Comments on MyMediaManager

My wife and I have over 16,000 digital photos going back to 2007. Over the years we’ve used different camera phones, digital cameras, storage devices, and backup plans. I’ve managed to consolidate them all into DropBox over the last year or two, but they’re still in random folders and not… Read more »

GIT-PROTIP: Copy Most Recent Commit Hash

I often have the need to get the latest commit hash on my current branch so I can reference it on GitHub in response to a comment on a pull request. My workflow was always: Make code changes Commit changes Run git log Copy latest commit hash Run git push… Read more »

Intercontinental Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

UPDATE: A cool resource (interactive map) for learning about the existing infrastructure: I was reading an article online that mentioned that the United States is connected to 63 countries by fiber optic cable. It made me curious about intercontinental fiber optic cable and how that cable gets ran over such… Read more »